Borjomi-Unforgettable trip begins with the town of Gori. There we will visit the Stalin museum, see the unique cave complex Uplistsikhe – God’s fortress. Uplistsikhe is carved in the rock of Kvernaki. The city emerged at the end of II – in the beginning of the I millennium BC. E. The uniqueness of the monument lies in the fact that, thanks to its structure, it retains the remains of architectural and religious buildings built over several millennia. In the heyday Uplistsikhe included more than 700 caves and cave structures, of which only 150 have survived to the present day.
In this tour, a visit to the city of Borjomi is planned, a resort town in Samtskhe-Javakheti, a region in the south-west of Georgia. The city is famous for its mineral water Borjomi, which holds the first export position in Georgia. Borjomi belongs to a group of low mountain resorts and is surrounded by mountain ranges covered with coniferous and broad-leaved forests. Archaeological excavations here found stone baths, which indicates that the healing properties of mineral water were known and used in ancient times. In Borjomi gorge there are more than 200 historical monuments: fortresses, churches, monasteries. We will visit Borjomi Park and the unique Green Monastery.

       Gori – Uplistikhe – Borjomi


Number of People Price of Tour
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4 — 7   Person 270$
8 — 11  Person 320$
12 — 16  Person 370$
17 — 45  Person 450$
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