Excursion tour covers eastern Georgia – Kakheti. We offer an unforgettable trip to David Gareji – a monastic complex carved into the rock, located in an amazing, very beautiful and unusual place – the desert. The oldest monastery complex, Lavra of David, was founded in the beginning of the VI. Syrian monk David, one of the 13 Syrian fathers who settled in the natural cave of Gareja. Can be expanded by adding a visit to the upper part of the monastery complex – Zemo Gareji, where you can explore the unique frescoes. Climbing to the upper part of the monastery complex takes about an hour; From here a wonderful panorama opens immediately to two sides – Georgian and Azerbaijani (the monastic complex is located on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border)

In this tour, a visit to Mirzaani is planned – a village in which the famous Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani was born. In Mirzaani works Pirosmani Museum, which contains a collection of works by the artist. Guests of this tour will also visit Bodbe, a monastery in which Saint Nino is buried, bringing Christianity to Georgia.
Further, the ancient, unusually picturesque town of love – Signagi. This city with its natural beauty, traditional architecture and synthesis of cultures of the peoples of Georgia, has always been considered the pearl of the country. We will look at Sighnaghi fortress wall, surrounding the whole city and climbing one of the towers, we will admire the beautiful view of the Alazansky valley.

Kaxeti – David Gareja – Bodbe – Signagi


Number of People Price of Tour
1 —3    Person 170$
4 — 7   Person 270$
8 — 11 Person 320$
12 — 16  Person 390$
17 — 45   Person 460$
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