"Go to Georgia! In the New Year's Eve offers a real feast "

“Go to Georgia! In the New Year’s Eve offers a real feast “

There have been in the gastronomic tours in Spain, tasted cheese in France and Italian dishes anywhere in Venice? To chic dinner does not have to sit in a restaurant with a Michelin trained waiters and pretentious menu. Go to Georgia! What’s that, and interesting food will be provided to you. In the New Year’s Eve offers not just a festive table and a real feast.

Khinkali, Satsivi, chakhokhbili, khachapuri and achma – all probably familiar to you, but

do not be surprised if for breakfast you bring skewers, salad and freshly baked pita bread. Generally not ready to taste, and is – in the full sense of the word.


You can also look at the Tbilisi bird’s-eye view, climb the mountain in the cable car (both day and night to make stunning pictures), walk around the interesting streets, pick and take home a lot of the famous local wine.


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