Another unforgettable trip is the city of Kutaisi – the second largest and most important Georgian city, representing the characteristic features of the Georgian medieval life, history, nature. This city was the capital of the Colchis kingdom, which stretches along the banks of the Rioni River. On the right bank of the Rioni towers the Bagrat temple, which is a living embodiment of the centuries-old history and culture of the people, its desire to unite under the shadow of the Christian worldview.
This palace and temple complex is a model of the remarkable architecture of the Middle Ages, for which UNESCO and added it to the list of world historical and cultural monuments.
Near Kutaisi is the cultural and historical complex of Gelati, founded by the Georgian king David IV the Builder in 1106, which sought to leave a memory of himself as a collector of Georgian lands, created here an academy with a rich library for the development of education and sciences. The complex played a role and a defensive structure due to the surrounding double wall ring. The monastery has preserved ancient icons, church services, mosaic, recognized as a monument of world significance.
The program will include an inspection of the city center, Mozzamet monastery.
Visit the cave of Prometheus, which is located in the vicinity of the city of Tskhaltubo. A natural cave with an underground river, an underground lake and even an underground waterfall was discovered in 1984 and Sataplia is a complex of karst caves where you can visit caves and plunge into the unusual atmosphere of the ancient world. According to recent studies, traces of dinosaurs have been found here.

  Kutaisi— Bagrati — Gelati — Motsameta — Prometeus Cave — Sataplia


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