Tour of Tbilisi can be combined with a visit to Mtskheta – this is the ancient capital of Georgia. To stay in Tbilisi and not to visit Mtskheta is impossible. The holy city of Mtskheta is located at the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers at a distance of 21 km. North of Tbilisi. Mtskheta Founded in the 2nd half of the 1st millennium BC. E. According to legend, the city was founded by the legendary Mtskhetos. “After the death of King Kartlos, his wife divided the land between her sons. Among them, senior Mtskhetos – settled on the site of flow of rivers Aragvi and Mtkvari (Kura), built a city and named it after himself “in Mtskheta we will visit: the temple of Mtskheta, Jvari monasteries and Samtavro.
Svetitskhoveli – patriarchal cathedral hramGruzinskoy Orthodox Church in Mtskheta, which for millennia was the main cathedral throughout Georgia. It is among the monuments of the World Heritage. It is one of the main spiritual centers of Georgia.
Jvari ( “cross”) – Georgian monastery and temple of VII century is situated on the top of the mountain at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi near Mtskheta – where, according to historical sources, erected a cross of St. Equal to the Apostles Nina. Jvari – one of the masterpieces of architecture for the perfection of architectural forms and the first monument in Georgia.
Monastyr Samtavro complex of Samtavro Transfiguration Church and convent of St. Nina .Tserkov built in the IV century king Mirian. The temple Samtavro are many shrines, some of the life-giving pillar, the miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God, the miraculous icon of St. Nina, the graves of saints kings of Mirian and Nana, the relics of St. Abibosa Nekresi, the relics of Saint Shio Mgvimskogo, part of the stone from the tomb of St. Nina of Bodbe and other relics .

Tbilisi  – Mtskheta


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